Mystique Belief

Earlier i wrote in my blog (cultivate the habit of studying) that habit is most important thing for a person to be successful. Recently I have been thinking about that and realized that habit cannot be cultivated until we have belief in it. People who pray everyday, they truly believe in god. Same way if I am to make studying or any other thing as doing business sincerely as a habit then I must truly believe in it.
Now the question is how do I make myself believe in something completely new. It feels like I’m trapped in the circle of two questions, which came first, eggs or chicken. Here the question is, what I do first, do I make it something as a habit and then believe in it or first believe in something and then make it as habit. I think it’s the later one. I can’t make something as habit unless i believe in that. At the same time, I can’t force myself to believe in something.
I don’t believe in anything now a days because I truly believe that nothing is permanent. Even the facts that we call as facts are bound to change at some point of time. It’s a matter of when not if. I have a hard time believing in scientific facts too. And not believing in anything has helped me most of the time. If I don’t believe in anything that means I also don’t believe that anything can’t be done. I believe everything can be done. Not believing in anything gives me benefit of doubt to consider options which I’d hardly consider if I truly believe in what the world consider it as fact. Only negative side to it is I can’t make myself believe that studying or choosing anything as my job can make me successful. To be successful I need to believe in the thing that I do. Truly. Only thing that I notice from every successful person to succeed is hit and trial method. I keep hitting new things until I find the one. I try one thing and fail, keep trying new things until I feel satisfied. Well! To try new things as well I need belief. I can’t try something new in which I don’t believe. I’m not afraid to fail but I’m definitely afraid to try half hearted.
I’m gonna do everything to unfold this mystery of belief. Study. Ask. Meditate. Think. I must find the answer to this.