Mystique Belief

Earlier i wrote in my blog (cultivate the habit of studying) that habit is most important thing for a person to be successful. Recently I have been thinking about that and realized that habit cannot be cultivated until we have belief in it. People who pray everyday, they truly believe in god. Same way if I am to make studying or any other thing as doing business sincerely as a habit then I must truly believe in it.
Now the question is how do I make myself believe in something completely new. It feels like I’m trapped in the circle of two questions, which came first, eggs or chicken. Here the question is, what I do first, do I make it something as a habit and then believe in it or first believe in something and then make it as habit. I think it’s the later one. I can’t make something as habit unless i believe in that. At the same time, I can’t force myself to believe in something.
I don’t believe in anything now a days because I truly believe that nothing is permanent. Even the facts that we call as facts are bound to change at some point of time. It’s a matter of when not if. I have a hard time believing in scientific facts too. And not believing in anything has helped me most of the time. If I don’t believe in anything that means I also don’t believe that anything can’t be done. I believe everything can be done. Not believing in anything gives me benefit of doubt to consider options which I’d hardly consider if I truly believe in what the world consider it as fact. Only negative side to it is I can’t make myself believe that studying or choosing anything as my job can make me successful. To be successful I need to believe in the thing that I do. Truly. Only thing that I notice from every successful person to succeed is hit and trial method. I keep hitting new things until I find the one. I try one thing and fail, keep trying new things until I feel satisfied. Well! To try new things as well I need belief. I can’t try something new in which I don’t believe. I’m not afraid to fail but I’m definitely afraid to try half hearted.
I’m gonna do everything to unfold this mystery of belief. Study. Ask. Meditate. Think. I must find the answer to this.


Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong…

I started playing Table Tennis almost 15 years ago. I am not saying I practiced every day for last 15 years. I had gap of even a year or more too. But I have known the game for a very long time to know the weight of the ball and feel the curvature of the handle that we hold while playing like the back of my hand. I can’t win a national championship but I surely will give a tough fight and still learn a thing or two from the game.

Yesterday I played Table Tennis for more than 2 hours. I was playing after few months, so I was a bit out of practice. I was making a lot of effort to defeat my friends to whom I used to defeat easily earlier. I won all the matches for an hour because my mind was concentrated to win each and every match. I was playing defensive game with minimum smashes just to avoid any loss of point. I was playing and winning all the matches but I wasn’t actually enjoying the game. I only felt joy a bit at the end of every game when I won. And that sounded just fine because all that matters is winning and the happiness we get from it. I did not win any match with large margin for an hour. Those close matches were thrilling. I mean seriously breath-holding. Only time I felt relieved was when I won the match and next game started soon after. After an hour of suffocating winning I felt like I needed to take a breath and relax. I still had enough energy to play but I was suffocating inside. It was like swimming to a learner. You take one breath after every few minute.


I decided to play one last game without caring about winning. That way I had a win-win situation. If I lose, I’d go out for water or some juice. Now, my game was different. I was taking more risks. I was smashing at a little chance I got without caring about losing points. I was playing all kinds of spin moves freely that I’d never risk normally. Sure, I was losing some points but guess what, I still won. I kept winning matches regardless and with large margin and for another hour. Now the difference was I was enjoying every shot I was playing. Winning didn’t matter much now because the enjoyment I got while playing was much more than I got earlier after winning. I played few shots that I didn’t know I could play. The joy of game was so much that winning and losing didn’t matter much.

I think this theory of enjoying process more than outcome applies to every field where there’s success and failure. I wonder, what it’d be like to study in school just for the purpose of learning and not passing the exam; what it’d be like to work for the love of it without caring about salary or incentives. Take more risks just to check our ability and not to succeed or fail. To love unconditionally without expectation. To stand with truth without caring about it’s outcome.

Life is a journey.

Cultivate The Habit Of Studying

On the way back home after watching the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the antennae of my head caught few thoughts that I wanted to write down. The thought that why don’t I study daily. What can I do to make myself study every day. First of all I believe there are 2 kinds of people in this world. First who are happy with their career choices and second who aren’t. I belong to 2nd kind. Well, I was not thinking this because I was regretting watching Star Wars. Star Wars was awesome, by the way.


So I started thinking that what activities do I do every day from which I can learn something and can apply those techniques studies. I thought for a while and found nothing. That was shocking to me. Well, I poop daily but that’s because I get pressure every morning naturally. I can’t get that natural pressure for studies. I eat, drink, sleep daily all because of natural pressure. Now I am walking back home on foot and not by auto because this would keep me healthy a bit. There’s no natural pressure here. But after a while I realized that I am also walking home because I can save little money. If I had to pay for walking and auto was free, I don’t suppose I’d walk. So, now walking may give this short term health benefit, or maybe not, but this is useless. Same goes with studies. I sometimes study because of exam or interview pressure and think that I am studying for future, but in reality these short terms rarely do me any good. I am looking for something that I do daily to co-relate to studies. I go to office because if I won’t, I won’t be paid. I wonder if we are any different from robots. Robots are programmed or forced to do specific task same as we do tasks that are forced upon us by nature or someone else.

Finally I found something that I do daily which I believe is not forced upon by anyone and I still do it each and every day, that’s brushing my teeth. Well, I know I don’t shower daily in winters, which is gross but what can I say. Robots don’t shower at all. Lol. So, I rarely miss brushing my teeth like once or twice a year. Now if I found out the recipe for brushing daily then maybe I can also apply same technique to study daily. If I don’t brush my teeth then I don’t think it’d matter but I still do it. Why? Long term goal of brushing my teeth daily is to keep my teeth healthy. Short term goal, I feel little fresh after brushing. But do I ever think that I am brushing my teeth because I wanna keep my teeth healthy in a long run? No. Do I ever think that I am gonna feel much fresh after brushing? No. I just do this every day without thinking anything. How can I do the same with studies, that is study every day without even thinking anything. So, I conclude that I brush because it’s my habit. I won’t feel good somehow if I don’t brush. I feel like something is missing. It’s because I am habituated to it. Habit – Now it’s a whole different topic all over.

How did I become habituated to brushing my teeth? In the beginning parents, elders forced us. Then taught us the long and short term benefits. Then after a while I didn’t need anyone’s guidance. Well, I can do same with studies. After all, mind is more important than teeth. Keeping it sharp and shiny is more important. So, let me set long term goal to study every day to keep my mind sharp and updated. No one likes to be told that we forgot even basics after 3 to 5 or more years of experience. I wanna be sharp and good and updated. Money, fame, status are not worth keeping as long term goals for studies. So at first I might have to force myself to study but just half an hour or an hour of studies every day should do it. For short term goal, I am gonna set to feel better just like brushing my teeth.

Another thing that I can learn from brushing that I can apply in studies is that I need to have something to restrain from in case I do not study. If I don’t brush my teeth then I keep any food away from my mouth until then. So, for studies I am gonna restrain myself from using internet for personal purpose on phone or PC. Now a days, urge to use internet, or to be precise whatsapp and facebook has become as important for mind as food for stomach. First thing I do when I wake up is pick up the phone to look for time, and then I look for wahtsapp messages, then facebook then some other videos posted on facebook and it doesn’t stop until I realize I am too late. Now onwards I will not turn on my internet until I brush up my mind. I didn’t know brushing my teeth could teach me so many things.


Now, there is one conflict in my mind that I don’t wanna be just some normal people. I wanna work towards becoming great person. Great people don’t work one hour daily. They work hard for so many hours every day. But that’s just ridiculous to set something so high from the beginning. I should learn to take baby steps first. And great people never work like robots, like I do. They do something they like doing, something they are passionate about. They would do it even for free for as much long as they can. This mystery of finding passion is not solved by me yet but I think that studying for an hour just for the sake of it is one step closer towards finding passion. Until now I had nothing but brushing my teeth that could differentiate me from robot. Whereas one thing common in all great people is that they do what they are passionate about, what they like. I don’t do anything daily that I like. I do physical work out for few months and then stop. There is literally nothing that I do daily that I like. May be studies will be my first step towards taking control of my life. I know It’s ridiculous to make a 24*7 routine and try following it. It’s impossible to do. Human mind is a free entity. It needs free space to wander around. All we can do is control it for a few minutes and that’s it. So, I am gonna start daily meditation as well because I’m not gonna leave anything to chance. If I can control my mind whenever I can, I’m gonna do it. It’s not possible to even control for all the time. So, best possible thing for my mind I can do is give it a good environment. I am gonna keep my mind healthy, free of any junk. So that even if it wanders around, it doesn’t find any bad shit to ruin my mental health.

One thing that I am looking for is my passion which should be right in front of my eyes, that can be found by taking control of my life. I’m gonna start doing what I like doing and what’s important for my future without anyone’s or nature’s pressure. I will study, I will work out, I will meditate because I want to do it. No other reason or pressure. Hopefully, these will lead me to gain so much courage to take up something that I will love doing for longer hours everyday of my life.

7-step process to simplify your life and be successful

It is very important to feel centered and balanced in your life, otherwise every single day will turn into a battle for survival.

I want to warn you to avoid the ‘I already know these steps’ attitude. You never truly know something unless you are living it every day. Proactive people design the days of their lives while the reactive people let their life run them. Which category do you belong to? The seven secrets to achieve work-life balance:

Work Life Balance

1. Never use the phrase ‘easier said than done’ for things that must be done. The words you use to describe yourself create or destroy your self-esteem. You can change your self-sabotaging habits provided you give up your sloppy vocabulary. Use words that express a strong intent to take charge of your life. Give up the victim talk and develop the vocabulary of a warrior.

2. Form the habit of waking up early. Get out of bed because of your own will rather than the fear of getting late. Nothing destroys your self-esteem more than laziness. If you over-sleep, you slowly begin to accept an identity of being a lazy human being. Get into the habit of meditating for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of intensive workout. People often complain that they do not have the energy to exercise; the truth is that they do not have the energy because they do not exercise.

3. Behind every happy person there is a grateful heart. Every day when you get up to go to work. Never say, ‘I have to go to office’, rather say, ‘I love to go to office’. Treat your work-life as a gift and you will not mind putting in extra hours if the work demands.

4. Human brain is not designed for multitasking. Organise your daily tasks in the order of priority and then go after them one by one. By following this one simple habit, you will accomplish more in a day than you accomplish in two days of multitasking. Do not begin doing the next thing without completing the most important thing.

5. Stress does not come from 12 hours of work, but it surely comes from 12 minutes of complaining. Every time you complain about your work and blame your boss for your situation, you are literally throwing away your happiness. There are certain things you can change and there are certain things you must accept. Be wise enough to know the difference. If you think you are smarter than your boss then prove it through your work not through your words.

6. Your happiness is the average of the happiness of five people you surround yourself with. If you spend time with people who are always dodging work and complaining about it, then very soon you will pick up their traits as well. Spend time with those who talk about ideas rather than those who gossip. Find out the five happiest and most intelligent people at your workplace and try meeting them on a regular basis. You will notice a huge difference in your productivity and workplace happiness. Learn to say ‘no’ to people who do not add value to your life. There are just two kinds of people-one who inspire you and the others who drain you emotionally.

7. Learn to conserve your emotional energy. Never get emotional about politicians, sportsmen or celebrities. I have seen people fighting and arguing with each other on the issues of politics. They spend couple of hours every day talking about people who do not even know them. Once you have voted, avoid getting into any discussion related to politics. Likewise, sports is meant to be played, not watched. It is difficult to get it the first time but it is much better to play cricket for 1 hour than to watch it for 6.

The time you will save by following these seven steps can be used in developing skills that will make you more productive and valuable for your organisation. As a thumb rule in life, I never do anything that does not add value to my life. By value I mean – money in my bank, love in my heart and intelligence in my head. Take charge of your life and feel the difference.</

Let Your Heart be Your Inspiration

Yesterday Mark Zukerberg came to India for Q&A session at IIT Delhi. His talk was very inspiring. But he didn’t say anything that I haven’t already heard of. It was still inspiring and reassuring. If I see what makes him different from me then I see that there are things that he knew at early age that I learnt recently. Basic things for success like follow your heart. Seriously, I learnt this very recently and truly believe that its the main recipe for success. At my childhood I only knew that we are not born great and to become great we must follow someone great. I was taught to be a follower from the beginning. It never occurred to me that listening to what my heart says can be my unique thing that can lead me to a great path. I always followed some ideal famous personality like Gandhi and Vivekanand etc. When I found their life different from mine which I literally couldn’t follow then I turned towards proverbs, great sayings said by different people. Even that kept me confusing. I remained confused for a very long time searching for someone or something to follow. It never occurred to me to follow my own heart. It was scary. I felt like, follow my own heart? Am I mad? No one advised me that? And I only do things that are advised to me. What would I do if it went wrong? Who would I blame? Myself? It’s scary as shit and I have a safe path to follow great people which will surely lead me to success. No one says following great people is bad. So, why would I choose something scary over safe?
Now I know I was wrong to shut my heart and find and listen to other people. I have shut my heart for so long that now I feel like I am deaf.
Are we not suppose to follow great inspiring people? I’d have been lucky if someone might have said straight No. Here’s the thing that now I think about following great people and success. What must be done to succeed is improve ourselves. How do we improve ourselves? We learn and grow. How do we learn? By books, by findings, by knowing facts, by getting inspired, by practicing. Basically knowledge and experience is the key. And these both somehow include great people. These great people have written books for us to study, they’ve done the findings for us to read on, they’ve laid everything for us. They gave us knowledge. We learn and practice them. So it’s very simple to conclude in brief to follow what they did. But here is the silver lining difference. We do not follow what they did. We learn from what they did and use that learning in our own way suitable. Like when we learn grammar from some book, we know that we have to use that grammar in our life in all ways possible, not just those examples given in that grammar book. When we read stories, we learn from story and use that learning in any similar situation we get in to, not just that one situation portrayed in the story. When we like some pizza, we actually do not like that pizza but its taste. Same pizza at different place can be bad. So we learn the value, the taste and the condition or situation in which to use them. To find that great taste or value, we must be surrounded with great things. Great books give great knowledge. Here is the role of great people who give us great value. So of course great people are important in our life but not to follow them but to learn something good from them and utilize that learning in our own way of living. We don’t live their life.


The surroundings, friends, colleagues matter a lot in respect to our growth. If we are surrounded by good books, good people, we learn good things.

So following no one but our own heart is the way to go while learning good from everything. It’s like our own heart is the vehicle and learning/knowledge is the fuel. Not vice versa. We should not treat our heart, our intuitions as fuel to lead a vehicle of someone else life.